Trail Update 1/23/2018

Mother Nature left us a winter wonderland yesterday and last night. She gave us 8 to 10 inches of Pure White Gold. The best part is that it was heavy/wet snow that packed down great – thereby increasing the base. We did a full groom last night leveling and packing...

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We Need a Fundraiser Chairperson(s)

We are in need of someone, who is currently active or for someone to become more active with the club, that might be interested in doing the following: We specifically need someone to be our Fundraiser Chairperson(s). I add the plural because this is a great job for a...

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Call For Donations

The Barnstormers are calling for donations of raffle prizes for the next two fundraisers! We are looking for: --complete gift baskets --items for gift baskets If you have items to donate, please contact Anita: Thank you for your...

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Trail Update 1/22/2018

Middle 30s for temps and traffic took a toll on our trails. They are mostly pretty brown. Thats the bad news. The great news is that it has started to snow in Sayner. Jaxon is here!!! Reports are all over the place with predicted amounts. I don’t even want to pass on...

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Trail Update 1/19/2018

All reports from riders this week have been that our trails are excellent. That’s the great news. The bad news is the forecast for a high of 41 today (Fri), 39 tomorrow, and 36 Sunday. Hopefully there won’t be much sun – no sun would be best. If the sun stays mostly...

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Trail Update 1/15/2018

All riders I spoke with that rode over the weekend reported great trails. We did get some new snow which started last night. While it appears that the heaviest snow went to the south, we did get about 2 inches. It is supposed to snow again this afternoon with another...

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Trail Update 1/12/2018

The area received between 4 to 6 inches of heavy/wet snow yesterday. FINALLY something we can form a better base with!!! We were out last night smoothing and packing this white gold, so currently, it just doesn’t get any better!!! The timing of it just couldn’t get...

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Trail Update 1/8/2018

Our trails continue to be in the fair to good range. Corners are icy. There is not a lot of base, but continued grooming at least has everything flat. Of course, the trails in the woods are better. The Sayner town trail is very snirty. We need snow is the bottom...

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Trail Update 1/4/2018

All of our trails were groomed last night. Everything is flat and averages out fair to good throughout our system. We did get an inch or two of fresh snow. It was pretty fluffy but anything is better than nothing!!! It would be great if we got some wetter snow –...

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Trail Update 1/2/2018

Our trails are flat and average fair to good. We are continuing to groom. Of course, the trails are better away from towns. Trails close to town are taking a beating and are needing more snow badly. The deeper in the woods you get – the better it gets!!! Most area...

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Trail Update 12/30/2017

After discussing the overall conditions with Trail Boss Dennis Horan, I have downgraded average conditions to fair. We need more snow is the bottom line. The Sayner town trail is poor – mostly sand. There is absolutely nothing that can be done with that trail. It gets...

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Trail Update 12/28/2017

Our trails continue to be good to very good on lesser traveled trails and fair to good on trails with heavier traffic. Anything near towns and busy intersections usually gets pretty beat. We were out last night grooming and will be out again tonight. A couple areas...

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