Trail Update 2/20/2018

Well weather system “Oliver” did not produce nearly as much snow as forecasters had said it could as it just never really seemed to get going and died out too quickly. We still ended up with about 1 1/2 inches. It is still better than nothing and will do more good...

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Trail Update 2/16/18

Temps above 32 the last two days hit our trails pretty hard. The hit was not as bad as we thought would happen – still – near town and busy trail crossings it is very brown. The further away from town you get – the better they get. So near town is poor to fair – away...

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Trail Update 2/12/18

Our trails remain good on average. Close to town and heavily traveled sections are poor to fair while further in the woods they are good to very good. Most corners are VERY icy. We could REALLY use some new snow to work with. There are logging operations in the...

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Trail Update 2/9/2018

We groomed the last two nights and will continue nightly through the weekend. Average conditions are good with areas closer to towns only poor to fair and further in the woods the trails are excellent!!! The trails are flat but corners are icy, especially toward the...

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Trail Update 2/4/2018

The area received around 3 to 4 inches of fresh White Gold since yesterday morning. This was just what the Barnstormer’s Trail Doctors ordered!!! Town trails still suffer badly from extremely heavy traffic but away from town they average good. The heavy traffic had...

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Trail Update 2/2/2018

Our trails continue to be fair on average with a range from poor on town trails, thin in some areas on road routes, and very good in the shaded woods. A mixture no matter where you go. The snow is pretty thin in any area where there is active logging going on. Most...

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Trail Update 1/30/2018

What a difference a week makes. A week ago we were grooming 8 to 10 inches of fresh snow. This week we don’t have much to work with in some sections. Can you imagine what conditions would be right now if we didn’t get that snow a week ago? The current forecast is...

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Trail Update 1/27/2018

Well the trails were absolutely spectacular – until yesterday (Friday) afternoon. Temps in the upper 30s and low 40s – along with very heavy traffic – really took a heavy toll on things – so I have no choice but to downgrade our report to fair on average.  Shaded...

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Trail Update 1/26/2018

Our trails start off this Friday good to excellent thanks to the snow from last Monday. The forecast is calling for upper 30s to low 40s today. With the fresh snow – the trails should handle this short warm up – especially if riders take it easy on them today. We will...

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Trail Update 1/23/2018

Mother Nature left us a winter wonderland yesterday and last night. She gave us 8 to 10 inches of Pure White Gold. The best part is that it was heavy/wet snow that packed down great – thereby increasing the base. We did a full groom last night leveling and packing...

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We Need a Fundraiser Chairperson(s)

We are in need of someone, who is currently active or for someone to become more active with the club, that might be interested in doing the following: We specifically need someone to be our Fundraiser Chairperson(s). I add the plural because this is a great job for a...

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Call For Donations

The Barnstormers are calling for donations of raffle prizes for the next two fundraisers! We are looking for: --complete gift baskets --items for gift baskets If you have items to donate, please contact Anita: Thank you for your...

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