Trail Report 2/18/2017

There just isn’t much good I can report as the weather forecasts were correct and warm weather hit the area yesterday. There is good riding where the trails are shaded by the woods but getting there requires riding over a lot of slop and dirt.There is a lot of bare...

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Trail Report 2/14/2017

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Our trails overall average fair to good. Sections with logging operations taking place will be poor. The warm middle 40s yesterday did put a hurt on all the trails. It is not supposed to get much above freezing today with occasional snow...

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Trail Report 2/8/2017

With 3 inches (+/-) of fresh white gold; our trails are in good to excellent condition!!! As always close to town or heavily traveled intersections, will be pretty rough and snirty. Lakes are rough. Sections where we have logging going on are going to be poor to fair....

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Trail Report 2/3/2017

If you take out the areas where we have logging going on and areas close to town – our trails are in excellent condition. Most of the corners are icy. Hills, especially southern facing hills, are icy. Lake crossings are rough. We will be grooming everyday through the...

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Trail Report 1/31/2017

I have spoken with riders that have been in the area for a few days.  They report that when they got here - the trails they rode were flat but very hard with not a lot of loose snow for slide lube. Yesterday - we were on the bottom of the forecasted 3 to 5 inches...

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Trail Report 1/27/2017

This is more good news & bad news. The good news is the temperatures dropped and stopped the melting. The bad news is the trails are very icy and the last snow storm missed us to the south. There is some snow in the forecast for over the next 4 days. Anything is...

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Trail Report 1/25/2017

The melt down that began almost a week ago continued longer than was originally forecasted, leaving our system poor on average. There is still a good base away from towns and  concentrated traffic areas. However getting there is impossible without going through a lot...

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Trail Report 1/21/2017

A week ago we had incredible trails. However – Ma Nature has not been kind since then. We have had daytime temps in the middle 30s to low 40s. Yesterday and again today – we have had rain & drizzle off and on. The trails are all pretty much soft to say the least....

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Trail Report 1/19/2017

I don’t have the best news for an update. While thanks to excellent riding in the deeper woods the system is still fair to good on average, however, thanks to warm temps & sun – trails close to town and exposed road routes have suffered. Grooming will be limited...

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Trail Update 1/15/2017

Trail Conditions: Excellent Snow Cover: 6 average on the trail Date of Report: January 15, 2017 Area Report: Nothing really new to update; our system averages in very good condition where there is no logging taking place and only fair to good where there IS logging...

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Trail Report 1/12/17

Trail Conditions: Excellent Snow Cover: 6 average on the trail Date of Report: January 12, 2017 Area Report: Between Monday and yesterday – the area received around 12 inches +/-. The 8″ from Tuesday alone was heavier/wetter snow – JUST what the doctor ordered to...

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