Trail Report 1/21/2017

A week ago we had incredible trails. However – Ma Nature has not been kind since then. We have had daytime temps in the middle 30s to low 40s. Yesterday and again today – we have had rain & drizzle off and on. The trails are all pretty much soft to say the least....

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Trail Report 1/19/2017

I don’t have the best news for an update. While thanks to excellent riding in the deeper woods the system is still fair to good on average, however, thanks to warm temps & sun – trails close to town and exposed road routes have suffered. Grooming will be limited...

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Trail Update 1/15/2017

Trail Conditions: Excellent Snow Cover: 6 average on the trail Date of Report: January 15, 2017 Area Report: Nothing really new to update; our system averages in very good condition where there is no logging taking place and only fair to good where there IS logging...

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Trail Report 1/12/17

Trail Conditions: Excellent Snow Cover: 6 average on the trail Date of Report: January 12, 2017 Area Report: Between Monday and yesterday – the area received around 12 inches +/-. The 8″ from Tuesday alone was heavier/wetter snow – JUST what the doctor ordered to...

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Trail Report 1/9/2017

The area received about 1 1/2 to 2 inches of fluffy snow overnight. Every little bit helps on trails that already average good overall. Our trails where there is NO logging going on are Very Good to Excellent. The sections where there IS logging going on are only fair...

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Trail Report 1/4/2017

The Barnstormer's trail system averages on the good side right now. I would rate them as good to excellent where there is no logging going on. Only fair at best where there IS logging taking place. Speaking of logging - it will most likely continue all season. Watch...

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Trail Report 1/2/2017

Traffic was extremely heavy over the New Year’s weekend. That was spectacular to see for our awesome area businesses!!! We groomed every day this past weekend to try to keep up with the heavy traffic. On the average things are in fair condition. Some sections are...

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Trail Report 12/29/2016

Our trails right now average in fair condition. Things will vary out there from a few poor areas to excellent. Unless we get some of the snow that was forecasted for tomorrow (Friday), the poor areas will grow due to the expected heavy traffic. Lost Lake has been...

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Trail Report 12/27/2016

The latest weather system to move through on Sunday - into yesterday - was a blessing in disguise. No one likes rain this time of year but the inch or so of rain we received actually helped out in the long run. This is thanks to the sharp drop in temperatures...

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Trail Update for 12/26/2016

This will be a bad news / good news type of report. 1st - the bad news. The area received sleet, freezing rain, and rain overnight. The temps this morning rose to 38. To give you an example - I have a table on my deck that had about 13.5 inches of snow on it...

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Trail Update 12/24/2016

Merry Christmas from the Sayner / Star Lake Barnstormers!!! The area received from 1 1/2 to 3 inches of fresh white gold yesterday. While we still need more to completely fill all the holes and ruts – what came down will certainly help. Conditions right now will vary...

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