Trail Pass

2016/2017  Trail Pass Reminder

(Below is a picture of the trail pass from last year)


(Below is the trail pass you will receive if your snowmobile(s) is not registered in Wisconsin)


As of – July 1st, 2015, all snowmobiles operating in Wisconsin will be required to have a trail pass. This is just a reminder of how this is going to work.

Wisconsin snowmobile registrations now cost $30 – good for 3 years. You can register your sleds in Wisconsin right now and the expiration will be June 30th, 2019. This is very important to remember: Registrations are a completely separate thing from the new required Wisconsin Trail Pass!  (Here is a picture of a new registration sticker that was applied for the first week of April 2015)

new reg sticker

Trail passes will cost as follows – all good for 1 year*

*$50 for all snowmobiles NOT registered in Wisconsin. Remember – it does NOT matter where you live. You can register your sleds in Wisconsin even if you are not a resident. Also, if you want to keep your out of state registration, you can dual register your snowmobile(s). (Click here to order)
*$30 for all snowmobiles registered in Wisconsin. (Click here to order)
*$10 if the sled owner is a member of a Wisconsin Snowmobile Club / AWSC and their snowmobile(s) is registered in Wisconsin. Click here to order!

First things first; Are you a current member of the Barnstormers or another Wisconsin club? If not – join or renew now with the Sayner Barnstormers. If you are a current member of the Barnstormers – you are also current with the AWSC. Why join or renew now you ask? Because as of July 1st, you can order your Wisconsin Trail passes. If you are a current Barnstormers member and have your snowmobiles registered in Wisconsin; you are eligible for the discounted $10 trail pass. You will need your current AWSC membership number and your current Wisconsin snowmobile registration number(s) to apply. If your snowmobiles are not registered in Wisconsin; You can do so online by clicking here. You can also fill out a form and mail it in with your check by clicking here.

Why the big push to do it all now? This will be the best way you can be sure you have your trail pass by the time you ride next December after the trails are open. Trail passes will not be available directly over the counter. You can apply for them anywhere hunting licenses are sold, but they will be sent to you from the DNR via snail-mail. They will come to the address the DNR has in their system. This applies to $30 passes for sleds registered in Wisconsin and the $50 trail pass for non-Wisconsin registered snowmobiles. If you are eligible for the $10 discounted trail pass, you must apply for the trail pass(s) through the AWSC. This can be done one of 4 ways. 1 – You will be able to order on-line (click here). 2 – You can order by phone with a credit card. 3 – You can order by mail with a credit card. 4 – You can also stop at the AWSC office in Deforest Wisconsin and order directly. Before you contact the AWSC and apply: be sure you are a current club member and have your AWSC membership number in hand. Also be sure you have you current Wisconsin snowmobile registration number(s) in hand.

If you are a current Wisconsin snowmobile club member and don’t know your AWSC membership number, you can find your membership number on the label of your Wisconsin Snowmobile News. If you are not sure if your membership is even current, you can contact the club you belong to. If you know your membership is not current, please join or renew now.

Click here to order your discounted trail pass (if eligible).