We received anywhere from 5 1/2 to 7 inches, depending on the area. Where the trails are shaded and still had an ice base remaining, they will be spectacular. Where the base was gone – they will only be marginal early season type conditions. .

Be VERY careful on the lakes. Just like at the beginning of the year – if you don’t see markers – stay off.  We don’t have swamps on our system, but other areas do. BE CAREFUL!!!

To set a record straight that seems to be a matter of debate every year: Vilas County Snowmobile Trails can legally stay open until March 31st at midnight. If they close earlier; it will be because of conditions. 

We still have the areas where there is logging taking place. Those areas right now are junk. IF you ride through a logging area, stay out of the way and DO NOT hassle the loggers. They can and probably will shut the trail down if they get hassled. They have that option.

Please continue to watch for logging ahead signs, heed their warning, and obey the posted speed limits.

Logging Areas – Click Here!

PLEASE! Lets be careful out there!!!

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